Experience in commenting

For the week’s homework assignment I commented on a popular news site and on a private blog. The news site I chose was NPR because, well, I love NPR, and also because I looked at the NY Times first and read a commentary article by David Carr that I thought I could say something about but I couldn’t find the comment option there. Maybe they only let people comment on hard news, which is strange.


I read an article about costs for VA benefits on NPR and made the following comment:

Screenshot 2014-06-10 at 4.46.19 PM

I read some other comments aftereward and saw that someone else had said something similar. Oh well. Guess i should make sure I’m really adding something new to the discussion. It was cool to have the chance to plug my generally pacifist views in a public forum though.


The private blog I commented on was scarier, because it’s a niche blog in the field I want to make a career out of: Wordyard, a blog about new media. I critiqued the writer for jumping to conclusions which was very bold of me. I didn’t have the greatest point and quickly relented when he tactfully disagreed. Another downside on this one was I used the comment feature wrong and had to post 3 comments to do what I chould have done with one. Good learning experience.

I think the good thing about this exercise is now that I’ve done this once or twice, the barrier I felt before is gone. And it would be no big deal for me to contribute comments on other big blogs, which is cool.


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