LDS Church’s internship pitch to Coding Campus students

The Provo Dojo is a cool start-up incubator in downtown Provo. I decided to attend their startup lunch, a place for startups to chat with each other and get ideas, as advertised on Monday, June 9, but ended up having a cool detour in my plan. Along with needing to fulfill an assignment for my journalism class, I figured I could do a little research for my side-gig at Utah Technology Magazine.

When I showed up, Michael Zaro of Dojo Dev Camp  told me that the lunch wasn’t happening that day. In fact, I learned later that the weekly lunches had been postponed months ago due to building remodeling (it turned out the event was still autofilling into a Google Calendar that a local events board used.) But true to the community-culture that the startup world is known for, especially around here, they invited me to stay and participate in something else cool that was going on.

Sariah Masterson, program director of Coding Campus took me into a room where about 10 people were sitting at a big desk learning to code (which is what Coding Campus does. Amazingly, she said they have a 100 percent job placement rate for graduates). It turned out that representatives from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ IT department would be there in 10 minutes to recruit and I got to stay for their pitch. Below are Tweets and Instagrams that I think bring out the most important elements of the event. For anyone who thinks they might want to be an intern (pay sounds competitive!) I’ve also included a Soundcloud file of the internship-focused Q&A session at the end.

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