A Fiber-filled Thanksgiving

Provo has something extra to be grateful for during Thanksgiving this year, the addition of Google Fiber. The deal between the city and Google was finalized last April, but it’s only within the past month that Google’s trucks started going through the city, neighborhood by neighborhood to hook people up.

The deal helped the city get out from its financial obligation of millions of dollars to its fiber optic network then known as iProvo, which was losing money. Google will become the full owner of the network as soon as it brings the infrastructure up to a designated level of functionality.

The mayor, John Curtis, said it’s hard to say exactly when the city’s relationship with Google began:

“It’s like asking ‘when did your relationship with your high school friend from 30 years ago start?” Curtis

said. “But I think it’s fair to say that there was persistence on our part.”

Paul Frame is a BYU computer science student from Texas; he is excited about the deal.

His own addition of a wireless router would allow Paul to use the gigabit connection for his handheld device designed to play games from his computer.

Paul’s roommate, Eric Kieliszewski, is concerned that his landlords might use the upgrade as a way to increase the internet bill unfairly. But Paul’s brother Chris may have the more common attitude:

He said regarding Google Fiber: “I’m excited about [everything] and not really concerned about anything.”

*Disclosure note: The John Curtis quote is from an interview I did for a separate, but related article for Utah Technology Magazine.


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