BYU students determined to party at True Blue Foam

Over fifty gallons of fire suppressant foam, the same blue dye usually used on the football field, and hundreds of messy students make for one slippery homecoming activity.

Students gathered for True Blue Foam, BYU’s popular hillside slide, Wednesday evening. Storm clouds brewed overhead, but they were ready to have fun regardless.

Dolly, a junior, has wanted to come for years but hadn’t been able to. She only had one concern about the possibility of rain at the party.

“It’s a concern if they [event organizers] close it down,” she said as she waited in line to slide down the foamy slide.  “But even if they do I’m going anyway.”

Students formed long lines to dive down two big slides, but they could get right in on the action by joining the volleyball game, tug-of-war, or wading into the shallow pool at the bottom of each slide.

The even began about ten years ago as a foamy football game, according to Will Terrace, gardening maintenance supervisor at BYU grounds, who was on hand to help with logistics.

“And as the kids started to hear about it we got more and more people, and so the football didn’t go over as well because not as many people can participate,” Terris said. “Nobody wanted to play football and they were just playing in it like this, well, then they got the idea to do the plastic—and you can see the [long] lines.”

After sliding down the hill into a pool of standing foam one or two feet deep in places, students had different ways of expressing their enthusiasm.

“It was the [sic] blast,” said Joshua, a sophomore who went to the event once before his mission. It was the first time his friend Kevin, also a sophomore, came to the event.

“It was like swirling in a cloud of heaven and goodness,” he said with a smile.

Students who participated can expect to have a slight blue tint on their skin for days, due to the industrial strength of the non-toxic dye. But students seemed willing to face a number of inconveniences for the trill of this now-traditional mess-fest. As freshman named Tyler said after going down the slide for the first time:

“I got it all in my mouth, but it’s great.”


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